The world’s only fully
customisable 64-bit RISC-V
processor IP
Total control over configuration for a precisely tailored
IP processor for your project

Experts in open core surgery

Whatever you need in your RISC-V Core,
we can customise it

Additional scalar instructions
Fast scratchpad(s) for instructions and/or data
Additional vector instructions
Input/output FIFOs to send/receive data
Additional memory interfaces from/to the data cache
Custom synchronization with neighbouring cores and/or accelerators
Your own customisation request

Semidynamics Configurator

Customisable Core
with Vector and Tensor Units

Configure Atrevido or Avispado with Vector and Tensor Units for maximum efficiency and speed.

Explore and Create
with our Configurator

Experiment with our configurator to craft your ideal setup. Your configuration undergoes analysis by our engineering team, ensuring optimal system creation.

Total Customisation

Choose between our Cores, Vector, and Tensor units and create your unique pipeline.
Tailor-Made Performance:
Your Hardware, Your Specifications.

Our RISC-V IP Cores


64-bit RISC-V Core

2/3/4-wide Out-of-Order

Multiprocessor Ready

Vector Ready


64-bit RISC-V Core

2-wide In-order

Multiprocessor Ready

Vector Ready

Our Technologies

Vector Unit

100% Customisable Vector Unit

Offered with Atrevido and Avispado

Tensor Unit

Dedicated matrix multiplication

For ultra-fast AI solutions

Gazzillion Misses™

Solution to the memory latency problem

Maximises memory Bandwidth