The world’s only fully
customisable 64-bit RISC-V
processor IP
Total control over configuration for a precisely tailored
IP processor for your project

Experts in open core surgery

Whatever you need in your RISC-V Core,
we can customise it

Additional scalar instructions
Fast scratchpad(s) for instructions and/or data
Additional vector instructions
Input/output FIFOs to send/receive data
Additional memory interfaces from/to the data cache
Custom synchronization with neighbouring cores and/or accelerators
Your own customisation request

Our RISC-V IP Cores


64-bit RISC-V Core

2/3/4-wide Out-of-Order

Multiprocessor Ready

Vector Ready


64-bit RISC-V Core

2-wide In-order

Multiprocessor Ready


Our Technologies

Vector Unit

100% Customisable Vector Unit

Offered with Atrevido and Avispado

Tensor Unit

Dedicated matrix multiplication

For ultra-fast AI solutions

Gazzillion Misses™

Solution to the memory latency problem

Maximises memory Bandwidth