Machine Learning Engineers

We're looking for software engineers with a machine learning background or architects with strong software skills to develop our ML library that maps from TensorFlow/Caffe2/Torch/Theano/etc to our machine learning chip, efficiently mapping the high level tensor operations to our target RISC-V hardware. Areas of work include the layer compiler, the memory allocator and optimizer, the templated layer libraries and the runtime environment running on our platform.

3D Driver Engineers

We're looking for software engineers with a strong background and deep understanding of 3D algorithms and techniques to help us build our DX12 and Vulkan 3D drivers. Areas of work cover the full spectrum of the driver: from the top level optimization layers to driving our RISC-V hardware through the PCIe interface. There is also a runtime layer running on the RISC-V hardware that distributes and load-balances all the primitive work to the RISC-V engines.

PCie Device Driver Engineers

We're looking for driver engineers with a proven track record of bringing up a PCIe driver for the Windows and Linux environments.

RTL / Microarchitecture Engineers

We're looking for individuals with either a strong RTL or a strong architecture/microarchitecture background interested in working in several areas of a RISC-V design for an advanced technology node. In particular, areas of focus will be the processor pipeline, d-cache, i-cache, the l2-pipeline and a custom memory controller. We believe in very “vertical” engineers that fully understand the problem to be solved and can take it down to RTL level. We’re proud of not using C/C++ simulators and instead being able to test our ideas directly in Verilog, from which we can get IPC, Frequency, Area and Power!

Verification & Engineers

We're looking for individuals with either a strong Verification or strong microarchitecture background interested in working in the verification of a RISC-V design for and advanced technology node. Areas of focus are the vector instructions, the risc-v base ISA, the risc-v privileged ISA, cache coherency protocols, inter-processor communication protocols and full SoC verification.

Back-End Engineers

We're looking for individuals with experience in synthesis, place & route flows and floorplaning and wireplanning. Experience in clock tree synthesis and/or custom clock trees is also very welcome. Experience in netlist power analysis tools (such as PrimeTime/PX) will also be key in these positions. You'll be helping in floorplanning in a very advanced technology node, creating the synthesis and place& route flow, integrating several custom blocks and running the resulting p&r netlists though power analysis tools.

All these positions are for our Barcelona office. For extraordinarily skilled individuals, we might consider remote work options

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