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European supercomputing hardware takes the first step! The high-performance computing RISC-V has been taped out, and the sample test "Hello World" is successfully displayed!

In 2018, Europe launched the European Processor Initiative (EPI), which aims to increase the independence of the European supercomputing industry from foreign technology companies. Its core is the use of free and open source RISC-V instruction set architecture for the development and production of high-performance chips in Europe, providing the European Union with independence in the field of high-performance computing (HPC).

El primer chip RISC-V europeo cobra vida: EPAC está destinado a supercomputadoras, pero esto es solo el principio

Ya tenemos un chip europeo que ha mostrado en pantalla el célebre "Hello World". Se trata de EPAC (European Processor ACcelerator), un chip con arquitectura RISC-V que ha pasado las primeras pruebas de validación y que está orientado a ser usado en el ámbito de la supercomputación.

This is EPAC, the first European CPU that will not compete with Intel or AMD?

The EPI was founded by the European Union with the aim of giving the different countries of the old continent total independence of high-performance computing technology from the United States and the great Asian powers. The geopolitical objective is nothing more than to have technological neutrality in a market that is moving to form two large blocks that in the end will end up giving companies to choose between one block or another.